Private Detective Peru has infidelity expert detectives and infidelity investigators who are experts in infidelity and cheating spouses. Our Private Detective Service company provides detective services ,surveillance, criminal background checks and other investigations nationwide in efforts to detect infidelity signs.

INFIDELITY INVESTIGATIONS When marital infidelity or adultery hits your home, our domestic clients need proper evidence to put a stop to the cheating. Our private investigators understand that it is very difficult to cope with the matrimonial infidelity or with a cheating spouse, cheating husband or cheating wife however living with the doubt and not putting a stop to it is not the proper thing to do.. Utilizing proper investigative service techniques and high tech surveillance equipment ,our investigators can discreetly obtain the evidence you require to make a justified and educated decision and continue on with your life at peace. Call our private detectives now. absolute discretion and confidentiality together with total empathy for the individual client. 51-961-940-067.

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Our research case resolved:

  • Infidelity.
  • Pre-Marital Investigation
  • Verification of paternity.
  • Investigation of the distance boyfriends.
  • Inputs and outputs of Peru, migration.
  • Locating birth parents.
  • Location of persons and property.
  • Dual identity.
  • International scams and fraud.
  • Parental Kidnapping.

We deliver proof by mail or Courier

  • Pre-Marital Investigation
  • Post-Marital Investigation
  • Marital affairs
  • Infidelity detection
  • Spouse Infidelity
  • Profile Report
  • Divorce & Alimony Matters
  • Possession of children
  • Photos & Video Evidence
  • Distance boyfriends or Internet - Virtual Relations