Detective Peru carries out Investigations on infidelity, doubtful conduct, dishonorable behavior, infidelities, premarital reports, personalized follow-ups, personal cases, virtual relationships. Business or corporate research for large or small companies (natural and legal persons). We deliver as evidence, as evidence, Full HD videos and photos. It should be noted that we use high-tech equipment, hidden cameras, hidden cameras. We carry out research, surveillance and monitoring operations at a national level, travel to the provinces and attend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have Private Detectives with extensive experience and highly qualified..

Private Investigation Agency that has a long professional career. Our agency is formed by a team of experienced detectives who use a refined and demanding research, monitoring and surveillance methodology. We offer immediate coverage both nationally and internationally. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Expose us with full confidence your case. Our team will immediately contact you to find the solution that will allow you to clear your suspicions. Absolute reservation and confidentiality.

10 Signs Of Infidelity:

  • Becomes emotionally distant.
  • Angry, critical and even at times cruel.
  • Issue of control.
  • Illness of the one who is faithful.
  • Paying extra close attention to their appearance.
  • Inappropriately defensive or Being caught lying.
  • Extra flirtatious with the opposite sex.
  • Obsessive need for 'private ness'.
  • Noticing something different in your sex life.
  • Not always wearing their wedding ring.

Our research case resolved:

  • Infidelity.
  • Pre-Marital Investigation
  • Verification of paternity.
  • Investigation of the distance boyfriends.
  • Inputs and outputs of Peru, migration.
  • Locating birth parents.
  • Location of persons and property.
  • Dual identity.
  • International scams and fraud.
  • Parental Kidnapping.

We deliver proof by mail or Courier

  • Pre-Marital Investigation
  • Post-Marital Investigation
  • Marital affairs
  • Infidelity detection
  • Spouse Infidelity
  • Profile Report
  • Divorce & Alimony Matters
  • Possession of children
  • Photos & Video Evidence
  • Distance boyfriends or Internet - Virtual Relations