Our services

Personal investigations - family

  • Pre-marital
  • .Infidelities.
  • Virtual relationships, distance relationships.
  • The dishonorable conduct is demonstrated, the obtained evidence (photos and videos) will be valid as long as they are obtained in the public road or public access premises.
  • Doubtful behaviors: (addictions, drugs, gambling, alcoholism, sects).
  • Leaving home.
  • Custody of minors and control of activities of children: (habits, friendships).
  • Disloyalty of Couple and Family.
  • Follow-up and Surveillance to determine the activities (behavior) of the couple, children or relatives.
  • Tests in photographs, and HD videos.

Industrial espionage

  • Unfair competition
  • Information leaks.
  • Detection of systematized and continuous theft.
  • Copy and plagiarism of products.

Security study

  • Research and verification of documentation for Pre - Employment (Curriculum Vitae, Curriculum Vitae).
  • Verification of personal references.
  • Verification of academic and university studies.

Labor research - Monitoring and control of personnel

  • Qualification, verification and evaluation of employees to locate the weaknesses of a company, in terms of information leakage.
  • Infiltration Service of our Personnel (Infiltrate as a worker).
  • Unfair competitions.

Expertise; Dactyloscopy, Graphology

  • Expertise, Dactyloscopic; Fingerprinting, after a criminal act, theft or manipulation of elements.
  • Verification of fingerprints found and with those of the staff present.
  • Expertise, Graphological; Documentology Analysis of written documents, signatures.
  • Verification if they are real or false.

Companies or insurance companies

  • Accident simulation and sequelae control.
  • Feigned injuries.
  • Tracking of injured and location of witnesses.
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Among other services

Our research case resolved:

  • Infidelity.
  • Pre-Marital Investigation
  • Verification of paternity.
  • Investigation of the distance boyfriends.
  • Inputs and outputs of Peru, migration.
  • Locating birth parents.
  • Location of persons and property.
  • Dual identity.
  • International scams and fraud.
  • Parental Kidnapping.

We deliver proof by mail or Courier

  • Pre-Marital Investigation
  • Post-Marital Investigation
  • Marital affairs
  • Infidelity detection
  • Spouse Infidelity
  • Profile Report
  • Divorce & Alimony Matters
  • Possession of children
  • Photos & Video Evidence
  • Distance boyfriends or Internet - Virtual Relations